• Win your 2018 credit back- winner selected

    Win your 2018 credit back- winner selected

    UTS is happy to announce the winner for the year-end raffle where customers could win their entire 2018 purchases of prepaid credit back.
    Congratulations go out to Ms. Nateisha Givans for being our winner!
    Ms. Givans was one of thousands of entries in the raffle over the December 2018/January 2019 period.
    Ms. Givans was called LIVE on-air during the Suppa Duppa morning Show on Laser 101 to confirm her winnings.
    UTS customers can still look forward to the results of another raffle, the selection of which will take place later this week. In this second raffle, the winner will win a trip to Curacao during carnival 2019!
    UTS encourages customers to stay tuned for that announcement and many more activities for 2019.  

  • UTS reflects 1 year post-Irma

    Please see below link to a video release from UTS, reflecting on damage suffered and progress made 1 year after the passing of hurricane Irma. We’d appreciate your including of our release in your customary coverage.


     1 year after Irma, UTS reflects on damage suffered and progress made We've come a long way since then; working hard to rebuild smarter, better networks. Our path to bring our islands the fastest mobile service and broadband innovation doesn't end here. We take a moment to look back at our journey over the past year and look ahead to a stronger UTS and a more resilient Caribbean.

  • UTS hosts Disaster Recovery & Business continuity seminar

    UTS hosts Disaster Recovery & Business continuity seminar 

    UTS Business hosted a Disaster Recovery and Cyber Security session together with sister company Blue NAP Americas at Holland House Hotel earlier this week. The main focus of the sessions was the vulnerability of business operations when these are under threat by natural disaster or man-made assault, such as ransomware attacks and other cyber-terrorism. The well-attended session catered to key local corporations and entities that recognize the importance of this. They acknowledge the necessity of safeguarding their critical information in the event of a breach in network infrastructure. Topics such as data recovery protocols, security audits and other solutions were discussed by experts from Blue NAP, IBM and Deloitte as a means to limit disruption and ensure the continuity of business.

    UTS’ partner, Blue NAP Americas works along with Deloitte, IBM and UTS to provide a complete solution for data security, recovery and continuity purposes. Disaster recovery (DR) is an area of security planning that aims to protect an organization from the effects of significant negative events. DR allows an organization to maintain or quickly resume mission-critical functions following a disaster. IBM representative, Roland Chapman discussed the impact and possibilities of limiting disruption to business operations through DR.

    Blue NAP Americas is a key partner in this endeavor, allowing others to store critical information at its tier-4 data storage facility. Stanley Palm of Blue NAP Americas elaborated on what a tier 4 data center entails and what it can provide in in terms of services. Solutions for Cyber Security were discussed by Roy Jansen, Risk Advisory director at Deloitte. Cyber security, also known as information technology security, are the techniques of protecting computers, networks, programs and data from unauthorized access or attacks that are aimed for exploitation.

    “Our objective by organizing this seminar is to bring more in-depth information on this subject to the right people” says UTS Marketing & Communication Officer, Ivy Lambert. “Disaster recovery and Cyber security are not our core area of expertise, but we believe in bringing to right players to the table to provide a reliable and complete solution to our customers. The communication solutions the UTS Business team provides are an integral part of that total solution. The power of good partnerships is key in such an endeavor and we would like to thank our speakers for sharing their wealth of expertise with our invited guests. We would of course also like to thank those in attendance for making time in their busy schedules to join us.” Lambert continues. 

    In picture: A selection of the Disaster Recovery and Cyber Security Seminar attendees, joined by their UTS Business hosts and expert-partners.

  • Copper theft knocks out mobile & internet service

    Copper theft knocks out mobile & internet service

    Thieves caused a great inconvenience to UTS broadband internet and mobile customers in various neighborhoods when they vandalised a transmitter site on Saturday with the intention of stealing copper cabling. The perpetrators broke into the site location, cut and removed a large portion of transmission cabling, effectively severing communications to several neighborhoods. The outage affected both broadband and mobile service in the neighborhoods of Dawn Beach, Pointe Blanche,  Madame Estate and Cay Hill/Belair on St. Maarten. UTS technicians responded to the interruption immediately, working diligently on restoring service to the affected areas.

    Service was fully restored by noon on Sunday. "We'd like to commend our technicians for working tirelessly to restore service and for even giving chase to the vandals when it appeared some of them were still on location" says UTS Marketing and Communication Officer, Ivy Lambert. "We appreciate their dedication to the company and to our valued customers. We also sincerely regret the inconvenience caused by the damage to the equipment and are happy to report full restoration of service."
  • press release: Winner $1000 SMS

    On the occasion of May 17th, World Telecommunication Day, UTS selected the winner of our $1,000 SMS & WIN campaign.
    The winner, Ms. Elicha Arndell was ecstatic to receive the call from UTS confirming that she was randomly selected as the winner of the $1000 prize.
    The SMS campaign started on April 30th, giving customers a chance to the cash prize of $ 1,000.
    This campaign was one of UTS’ activities intended to provide customers savings or a chance to win something extra during a, for many, financially challenging carnival season.
    Other activities included the distribution of free Chippie prepaid credit to the crowd viewing the carnival parades and special ticket packages offering UTS customers significant savings and extra prepaid credit for some of the more popular carnival activities.
    “Our aim this year was to definitely bring our customers something REAL.” states UTS Marketing & Communication Officer, Ivy Lambert. “ We wanted to make a difference by offering tangible added value, opportunities to win something meaningful and to make participation in carnival events affordable and fun.
    We’d like to wish everyone a happy Telecommunication Day and thank all who SMS’ed to enter our competition.
    The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and we are thrilled to be able to brighten the day of Ms. Arndell, as well the many other customers over the carnival season.”


    In photo l-to-r: Winner, Ms. Elicha Arndell accepting her $1,000 cash prize form UTS Marketing & Communication Officer, Ivy Lambert


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  • Robo-calls prompt privacy concerns

    Philipsburg, Friday, January 26, 2018

    Unsolicited campaign calls irk phone users
    UTS received a string of complaints from customers today regarding unsolicited calls and messages received on their mobile phones. The calls and messages originated from campaigns vying for the upcoming parliamentary elections. The telecom provider was contacted by customers concerned about whether the operator provided their information for the purposes of these campaign solicitations. The mobile operator informed that it had no involvement, as the calls are the result of an automated systems employed by the campaigns and no cooperation from mobile providers is needed. These so-called 'robo-calls' are made by using automated number generators & number dialers to place calls and send messages. The candidates program these 'bots' to automatically contact random mobile telephone numbers of St. Maarten to solicit support. Once a call is connected, an automated campaign recording is played.

    UTS customer information remains private
    “We would like to assure our customers that we did not assist in providing or selling their information to any political campaign.” Says UTS Marketing & Communication Officer, Ivy Lambert. “Our customers can rest assured that we continue to keep your subscriber information safe/private and that we will not provide this info to third parties for solicitation purposes. We have also informed the Bureau of Telecommunications and Post (BTP) of what is transpiring in the event they receive complaints as well.”

  • UTS brings Christmas cheer to foster homes

    Philipsburg, Thursday, December 14, 2017

    Holiday Cheer with UTS staffers

    UTS employees visited two local foster homes recently to help decorate them in spirit of the season. Each home was visited by a group of at least 15 UTS staff members at a time, whom brought in décor staples such as a tree, lights and all the other trimmings to set the holiday mood. The group had a great time decorating together with the kids and also spent the afternoon with the homes’ staff and children to have lunch, play board games and other fun activities. 

    Donation towards supplies

    UTS also made a donation to each home, allowing them to purchase much-needed supplies to care for the homes’ residents. “Hurricane Irma had a significant impact on each home and we wanted to assist them in getting some of the most vital items to restore the operations of the homes back to normal.” Says UTS Marketing & Communication Officer, Ivy Lambert. “While they may have received donated items already, there are certainly still holes to be filled and if we can contribute, we’ll gladly do so. To make repairs and replacements as flexible as possible, we have provided each home with a voucher, good for purchases at a local hardware and home center.” Lambert continues. “For our whole island this has really been a year of challenges and reflection where you are more mindful of the things you can be grateful for. Our team was eager to get out there and get involved and engaged with the kids at the two homes.”

    Collaboration with K1 Britannia Foundation

    The activity was coordinated with the assistance of UTS’ long-time community outreach partner, the K1 Britannia Foundation. The two will also be collaborating on the Christmas Angel project that will kick off this Thursday at the new Government building. The general public is invited to come out and make a contribution in the form of a gift for a child or elder in the community. The project, spearheaded by the K1 Britannia Foundation will ensure that those in the community whom may otherwise be overlooked will also get to partake in the season’s festivities.

    Community involvement

    “Our staff really enjoyed spending the day with the kids at the homes and were happy to be able to bring Christmas cheer to the residents and staff at the homes. I am certain many of them will also go at the end of this week to contribute a gift for the Christmas Angel project as well. We are all thankful for our employment, thankful for our homes and family and also for the community that we are able to serve with our products daily. Our team is very much a part of our community on various levels and we were grateful for the opportunity to give back. I’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our group that took part this weekend. Their dedication shows that they understand the importance of community involvement.”

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