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Welcome to a Smarter, Safer Fleet management experience

UTS Secure’s vehicle tracking is an insightful accessory that easily connects you and your fleet of corporate vehicles via a Smartphone App or web portal.

The app allows you to locate and track one or more vehicles day or night, in real-time.

The many features allow you to monitor and safeguard all of your vehicles for the most efficient use of your company’s resources.

In addition to tracking, this device offers you insightful information in relation to the performance and status of your fleet

PRICE $11.10

Only $11.10 per vehicle, per month allows you to keep track of your fleet or corporate vehicles, day or night.



Monitor each of your vehicles in real-time for optimal efficiency and accountability

  • Driving habits reporting on behaviors like harsh braking, sudden acceleration and speeding
  • Navigation
  • Trip playback and history overview
  • Service logging
  • Engine health monitoring
  • Mileage efficiency and reporting


The confidence of knowing where your fleet vehicles are at all times

  • Always know your vehicle’s location via Smartphone App or web browser 24/7.
  • Emergency engine shut-down allows you to shut down the vehicle remotely
  • Live alerts & notifications using geo-fencing inform you when your vehicle moves beyond your specified area.


Ensure the safety of your staff

  • Monitor driver fatigue
  • Send a distress call to the office or roadside assistance in the event of a collision





The UTS secure application is packed with features you need and truly allows you to monitor your fleet performance.

This allows for optimal efficiency making your corporate operations safer, easier and less expensive. Access to the web-portal and our app is included in the the monthly service.

No additional charges or hidden fees.

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UTS Secure vehicle tracking requires the install of our wired monitoring unit into each of your vehicles.

The device is integrated into the onboard computer of your vehicles allowing detailed information to be transmitted to you in the web-portal or the app.

This device is available for a one-time purchase price of $ 116.19, which does not include installation.

The device can be installed at your local dealer/mechanic, whom generally charge $50 - $80 to do this.

If you have an in-house mechanic to service your fleet, they should also be able to install the device.