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STEP 1: Confirm your installation address

STEP 2: Location Coordinates

Drag the red PIN on the map to the desired installation location. This will help us determine if you are within our wireless coverage area.

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Click and drag the marker.

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To look up your location coordinates, open in the browser of your phone, when located at you installation location. Enter the latitiude and longitude coordinates displayed under "My location is :"

(one-time / non-refundable)

(one-time / non-refundable. Equipment, includes purchase or 20 Mbps Radio (Antenna) , Heavy duty wall mount & 110V Power supply. Additional equipment charges may apply based on site survey)

PMP450 - Wireless Internet Equipment

20 Mbps Radio (Antenna)

Heavy Duty Wall Mount

110V Power Supply .

Terms & Conditions
Site assessment required to confirm availability of speeds up to 15 Mbps at customer location Offer ends October 31 2020 and applies to new residential service applications only Promotional pricing applies for a maximum of 12 consecutive months of service; after which standard pricing will apply Standard pricing will apply with immediate effect if disconnection for non-payment takes place during the promotional period Upon early termination of the 12-month contract through disconnection or cancellation, the discount applied to the installation and equipment fees will become payable immediately Offer is not available in combination with any other promotional offer
This is an agreement between New Technologies Group N.V. (NTG N.V.), dba CaribServe, and YOU (Customer) to provide Broadband Services. By establishing an account, using the Service, using NTG N.V. -provided software, using the equipment or indicating agreement through the software or website, you agree to be bound by this Agreement, including future revisions and to use the Service in compliance with the current NTG N.V. General Terms and Conditions and Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) available on or upon request. By submitting the form and initialing the General Terms & Conditions, I agree to adhere to all the terms and conditions of this agreement. View all our terms and conditions