On the occasion of May 17th, World Telecommunication Day, UTS selected the winner of our $1,000 SMS & WIN campaign.
The winner, Ms. Elicha Arndell was ecstatic to receive the call from UTS confirming that she was randomly selected as the winner of the $1000 prize.
The SMS campaign started on April 30th, giving customers a chance to the cash prize of $ 1,000.
This campaign was one of UTS’ activities intended to provide customers savings or a chance to win something extra during a, for many, financially challenging carnival season.
Other activities included the distribution of free Chippie prepaid credit to the crowd viewing the carnival parades and special ticket packages offering UTS customers significant savings and extra prepaid credit for some of the more popular carnival activities.
“Our aim this year was to definitely bring our customers something REAL.” states UTS Marketing & Communication Officer, Ivy Lambert. “ We wanted to make a difference by offering tangible added value, opportunities to win something meaningful and to make participation in carnival events affordable and fun.
We’d like to wish everyone a happy Telecommunication Day and thank all who SMS’ed to enter our competition.
The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and we are thrilled to be able to brighten the day of Ms. Arndell, as well the many other customers over the carnival season.”


In photo l-to-r: Winner, Ms. Elicha Arndell accepting her $1,000 cash prize form UTS Marketing & Communication Officer, Ivy Lambert