Service interruption

 UTS mobile and broadband services in Saint Martin (FWI) and the Lowlands Area of Sint Maarten (DWI) were affected by damage caused to our infrastructure by a contractor performing trenching-works. The following areas experienced interruption during the morning hours of Wednesday, October 30 2019


Interruption resolved:

All mobile & broadband service to Saint Martin (French side)

All mobile & broadband service to Lowlands area (Dutch side)

UTS Technical resources were dispatched to assess and work on repairs needed to ensure the soonest restoration of service to the community. 

UTS regrets any inconvenience caused to customers that experienced an interruption to their service. Our teams  worked diligently on the soonest recovery and restored full connectivity of 12.30pm on Wednesday, October 30th .

Service interruption to broadband and mobile service French Saint Martin & Lowlands area