UTS invoice adjustment


 UTS hereby informs its valued clients that the billing cycle for subscribed services will shift effective August 20, 2019. From that date invoicing will run from the 20th of the month until the 19th of the following month, instead of the previous dates of the 26th to the 25th. The adjustment in billing cycle will apply to clients in Curaçao, Bonaire, St. Maarten/Saint Martin, Saba and St. Eustatius and affects invoicing for subscribed services such as mobile subscriptions, vehicle tracking and other services that are billed on a monthly basis. 


The August 2019 billing period will be 5 days shorter than the usual month-long period. The August 2019 invoices will run from July 26th until August 19th and monthly charges will be recalculated based on the shorter duration of the billing cycle. All other incidental or supplemental charges accumulated during this timeframe will be applied to the invoice as per usual. The September 2019 invoice will once again reflect the month-long billing period of August 20th 2019 until September 19th 2019.

Important to note is that the invoice due date and the dates of direct debit payments will not change. These will remain the same as before so as not to cause disruption to the financial planning of our clients.

Another important note is that this change will not apply to broadband internet (Caribserve) customers of St. Maarten and Saint Martin. Billing for this service will continue as per the usual billing and due-dates.

UTS thanks all its clients for their understanding as we make this administrative adjustment to our billing cycle.