UTS stands by local communities


Leading telecom provider UTS has reaffirmed its commitment to the people of the Eastern Caribbean islands of St. Maarten, Saint Martin, Saba and St. Eustatius as our islands face the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“While this is an unprecedented situation, the one thing that remains consistent and is critical in these challenging times is the ability for us to communicate and connect with our loved ones and conduct our business as best as possible,” said Charlesworth Sydney, Country Manager for UTS Eastern Caribbean.

 Effective immediately, UTS is zero-rating calls to all local doctors’ offices from Chippie phones, which means that customers calling from their Chippie mobile phone will not be charged.

 To provide optimal support to customers with the current mobility restrictions, the company has also dedicated additional resources to providing telephone, email and social media customer support. This remote support team assists customers with account information, wireless broadband technical support, service upgrades and support in arranging payment and top ups while UTS stores are closed.

 “We are proud to operate the strongest, fastest and most reliable networks in the Caribbean and we are equally committed to providing all available resources to ensure our customers continue to have access to all-important connectivity and support,” added Sydney.

 To assist with the increased need for communication the company has provided Chippie postpaid customers with extra data free of charge. In addition, the company has implemented significant increases on a variety of Chippie prepaid plans to make staying in touch more affordable.

Customers opting for data-only mobile internet plans will receive more data for their money. The 1-day data plan now offers triple the amount of data through the end of April and the 10-day plan option has also jumped to 240% more data at a total of 6GB. All part of UTS’ effort to offer customers more value for money during challenging times.

 The 7-day 3-in-1 data bundle, which provides data with free minutes & SMS, now offers almost double the amount of data, with more than triple the amount of free minutes to call any local number. For access to the bundle plan an account upgrade may be needed, which can be done by UTS agents remotely and free of charge.

 The company is also making it as easy as possible for customers who haven’t used their Chippie SIM in a while to remain connected. This by waiving the customary reconnection fee to re-active a dormant number and by also removing the requirement to reload your account to keep the number active. This change will be applied until May 31 considering the movement restrictions customers face.

“We know the products and services we deliver are absolutely essential and thousands of people are relying on us to keep them connected. Every team member fully understands this and each department across the company, regardless of its function, is working together to ensure our critical communications backend remains intact and fully operational. This is our commitment to our islands.”